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Kael & Kaed - Amber Necklace

Kael & Kaed - Amber Necklace

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Baltic amber is not a "stone" it is fossilized natural tree resin - about 40 million years old! As it warms against your body's natural temperature, it releases healing oils containing succinic acid, which are absorbed into the skin and into the blood stream. This Baltic amber jewelry comes from Lithuania, one of the main sources of Baltic amber in the world.

Baltic Amber is know to: Reduce inflammation of the throat, ear & stomach. Fight irritations, infections and respiratory diseases. Dramatically improves the body's immunity - strengthens and boosts the body's natural healing ability and immune system. Completely non-invasive remedy for side-effects associated with teething such as swollen gums, diaper rash, earache etc. Natural analgesic that will calm your child. Many adults report improvement of arthritis and carpal tunnel pail. Helps take the edge off of many types of discomforts associated with dental issues, headaches, joint pain, etc. Naturally restores energy & helps maintain body wellness.
*Adult supervision is required. Please note this is not a toy and is not meant to be chewed on or put in mouth. It is advised to be removed at night time. Please do not wear in any water - chlorine, soaps, etc. can be damaging! Baltic Amber can last forever if properly care for! Kael&Kaed is in no way responsible for any circumstances involved with swallowing, chewing etc. of bead from this jewelry.

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