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Medela - Pump & Save Breast Milk Bags (50 Pack)

Medela - Pump & Save Breast Milk Bags (50 Pack)

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Having a good reserve of breast milk ensure that your baby will not need alternative food. The practical, stand-up Medela Pump & Save bags make collecting, storing and freezing breast milk easy and hygienic.

Attach the bag to your pump with the secure self-adhesive stray and pump directly into the breast milk storage bag. It saves time, minimizes pouring and helps to ensure that you do not lose a single drop of previous breast milk.

To preserve and protect the breast milk nutrients, these Medela breast milk bags are designed with a protective oxygen barrier. In addition, they have a convenient design that allows them to stand up on their own and they come with an easy-to-close zip top to keep them tightly sealed.

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